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Shocker Internet Drive In Week 9 - "Horror Head" Double Feature

Even though one of our past features was removed because someone after the fact determined that a movie was still copyrighted even though it was posted elsewhere on the archive, we will not be sidetracked!

This week, we strongly suggest you get a good parking slot for our "Horror Head" Double Feature. After a hearty welcome and a classic Thanksgiving cartoon, we proudly present the 1959 gore classic "The Brain That Wouldn't Die", which is followed by a brief intermission and then "The Head", more or less the German version of our first film.

And don't forget

Run time 191 minutes 3 seconds
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Reviewer: LugosiRules - - December 11, 2010
Subject: Shocker Internet Drive In Lives!!!
Glad to see we can still get our dose of drive-in cheese from these lovingly made double features. Even with evenings in the teens temperature wise, these make great cabin-fever passtimes. I just miss the sound of the crickets and the aroma of sun baked asphalt due to the cold temps.

Keep 'em coming! 'Pull der shtrang! Pull der shtrang!'
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on 12/9/2010